Jamie Allan’s theatre show was just magic


Theatre Royal Wakefield

Saturday, February 14

Jamie Allan’s iMagician show starts as it means to go on, as he literally appears out of thin air.

Jamie begins by explaining that the show is about the evolution of magic and how famous illusionists and magicians have influenced him.

The show is engaging and entertaining from the start and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats right until the very end.

It includes a mixture of card tricks, old magic with a twist and some fantastic modern work using iPads.

But, much to my horror, I ended up being a part of it. In a huge twist of events I was randomly selected to go on the stage and be part of a trick.

It was an illusion which got the whole audience involved. It encapsulated a combination of the modern world of social media and the nostalgia of a time capsule.

And it left me absolutely awestruck wondering how on earth Jamie had done it.

The show ended with quite possibly the best live illusion I have ever seen, which was in honour of the late great Harry Houdini.

The show has a perfect blend of new and old magic and offers something for everyone.

For the youngsters, the iPad magic, digital art and lasers are completely spellbinding.

And for older people, the history of magic tricks and the modern twist on old illusions is refreshing and captivating.

It was a fantastic evening and whether you believe in magic or not it isn’t one to be missed.

I went into the theatre a sceptic and came out a convert!

Cassie Irving