Litter plan could save millions in taxpayer cash

Wakefield Council is hoping to start one of the most cost-savvy litter picks on the planet with plans to clean up our district and save the taxpayer £2.7 million.

Calls for action: Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.
Calls for action: Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.

Residents and businesses have been urged to start their own litter picks a part of the national Great British Spring Clean 2019.

Launching the campaign, Coun Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council’s cabinet member for environment and communities, said: “This is expensive litter.

“It costs council tax payers around £2.7 million to clean up after litterbugs every year.

“This is money that could be spent on more important services.

“I want everyone to take personal responsibility and stop the drop. Don’t throw litter through the car window or drop it on the road – keep it with you until you find a bin.

“In fact, we can do even more. A pick me up is something that cheers you up and makes you feel better.

“If everyone does their bit and picks up one more thing, the Wakefield district will be a nicer place to live, work and visit.”

The campaign will run until Tuesday, April 23. Visit to get involved.

One of the first clean-ups earlier this month in Fitzwilliam saw almost 200 bags of litter collected in a day.

It took 18 people and six vehicles to clear litter from Hemsworth Lane.