Mum's desperate plea to find her little girl's lost doll

Little Rosie's doll is missing somewhere in Wakefield.Little Rosie's doll is missing somewhere in Wakefield.
Little Rosie's doll is missing somewhere in Wakefield.
A desperate plea has been made to the people of Wakefield by a mum whose little girl has lost her favourite doll.

Jennifer Lane Price has posted a plea to the Express Facebook page asking for help in finding her little girl’s doll.

Jennifer said her daughter Rosie, is so distressed.

She said that the doll has a plastic head along with soft plastic arms and legs. The other half of her body is cloth and stuffed.

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Jennifer said: “She has my daughter’s name sewn on her back and the day she was lost she was wearing white bloomers with teddies on and a long pink satin dress.”

The doll is suspected to have been lost during Jennifer and Rosie’s trip on the 1.19pm bus number 102 to Wakefield on Sunday.

Jennifer said: “We then went down Market Street to the sorting office, along George Street, Southgate, The Ridings, Poundland, the baby change area, Morrisons, the ruondabout and bench and to the bottom of The Ridings before getting 102 bus back home.”

Jennifer said: “It’s not just a doll it’s her friend, she treats her like a friend.”

If anyone knows where the doll is, or can help in finding it, please email [email protected]