One of Britain's oldest living people marks her 110th birthday with a special party

A Supercentenarian has become one of Britain's oldest living people having celebrated her 110th birthday.

Annie Hill marks her 110th birthday.
Annie Hill marks her 110th birthday.

Annie Hill was thrown a party at Priory Gardens Care home in Pontefract and was delivered her obligatory telegram from the Queen by the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, Major Stan Hardy.

A spokesperson for the home said: “Annie absolutely loves the Royal Family, especially the Queen, so was overjoyed to meet the Lieutenant and have a chat with him about life at Priory Gardens.

“Annie has lived in the home since 2012, having spent her entire life in Pontefract. She never married or had children, but is very close with her extended family and enjoys quiet time spent with them.

“She particularly enjoyed the frosting on her birthday cake, as she has a real sweet tooth and really enjoys chocolate.”

Annie was born in Sessions House Yard in October 1908 as one of nine children. She lived most of her life at St Oswald Avenue, until moving to the home.

She attended Love Lane School as a youngster before starting work at a bakery on Sessions House Yard in Pontefract, but spent the rest of her working life at sweet manufacturers Dunhills.

She once credited her long life to a tot of whisky every morning, although she has since swapped that for a gin and lemonade.

At 110, Annie is currently the 12th oldest person in Britain.

Leading the supercentenarian table is a woman from Worcestershire who turned 112 last month.

However, putting Annie’s birth year into context, she arrived just two months after the first Ford Model T was put into production, while London enjoyed hosting the summer Olympic Games, the first time they had been held in Britain.

Work was also just beginning on building the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic, while it would be another six years before the outbreak of the First World War.