LETTER: Stop quoting democracy

For sickening audacity the four MPs whining against the position Boris Johnson has taken is too much to stomach.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 12:54 pm
MPs Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh, Jon Trickett and Tracy Brabin.
MPs Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh, Jon Trickett and Tracy Brabin.

Trickett, whose proud Yorkshire voice won’t be silenced - well what about my proud Yorkshire voice, and the thousands of others in this constituency that voted leave. It’s a pity your faux outrage doesn’t extend to Labour’s ‘grubby deal’ with the Libs, Greens and SNP.

Creagh, who thinks Johnson has no mandate as a prime minister forgets about the Gordon Brown episode and the fact that people voted to leave the EU.

Don’t patronise we ‘ordinary’ mortals on whether we knew what we were voting for, the vote was leave or stay.

Brabin, defending democracy on behalf of the people. Can you hear yourself? What about the democratic vote to leave in 2016?

You quote Bercow as if his language is ever unbiased, or Grieve whose utter contempt for the voting public knows no bounds.

Your assertion about change from the bottom is a joke after the recent fiasco with a Labour Party complicit in halting a democratic vote to leave

Finally Cooper. What is the plan, you ask. It seems to me, quite simply, leave with or without a deal. Don’t talk about old Etonians concentrating power when what you people are doing is every bit a power grab.

I’m not interested in the thousands that march to remain, more the millions that voted to leave, try to respect that.

I expected more from you, having given you my vote at the last election, I don’t have any kind of political affiliation, other than looking to find a candidate, any candidate, that will represent this constituency, even over and above party politics.

Please don’t quote the mantra ‘We are representatives not delegates’. What does that even mean?

Would company reps promote their own products over that of their employer? I think not.

Corbyn has campaigned practically all his political life against further integration into the EU, but when it comes down to principle or power, he chooses power.

What a ludicrous position you and your party have left us in. There is something rather sinister going on here, a Labour Party defying its core base.

Seriously, what do you think will happen now the EU knows the last vestiges of negotiating a deal have been removed by a ragtag bunch of what seem like fifth columnists in this country.

Stop quoting democracy when you try to reverse a decision made by what was, supposedly, a democratic vote.

Is it all just words when you say you’re fighting for the people, or is like Humpty Dumpty said: “Words mean whatever I want them to.”

A Steels