Letter - I’m not alone in my support for sports club relocation

I read with interest the comments made in the January 17 Express by Norman Hazell and Liz Fairclough.

Mr Hazell says the Brooklands site is unsuitable and not wanted by anyone.

Is Mr Hazell qualified to determine the suitability of the site? Is he a practicing civil engineer or hydrologist?

At a presentation in the Parish Hall I pressed the developers and they were confident the site was viable. I am not qualified to challenge either party but am certain the developers would not make a fundamental error on such a high profile costly project.

As to no one wanting it I can assure Mr Hazell that as a resident of Walton I do. Talking to neighbours and those I meet on daily walks in and around the village I know I am not alone in supporting the WYSSC development adjacent the village. I object strongly to people expressing their views on my behalf.

Liz Fairclough is correct in saying the people of Walton should have their say and that the neighbourhood plan hasa bearing.

In my response to the early autumn plan consultation I said the WYSSC development offered benefits to local residents and businesses and that the presence of modern facilities would act as a good example.

I have lived in Walton for over 20 years and have seen the loss of important services and hope the plan will be forward-looking and help the village evolve, adapt and progress. Anything less will see the village devolve into a dormitory settlement.

I am looking forward to the next stage of consultation but hope that process of devising the plan will not seriously delay the WYSSC development.

Danny Pollard

Elmwood Drive