Letter - Motorways have become lawless

I read with interest in the Express a recent report from the West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit claiming that hundreds of motorists had been fined, under new laws for bad driving practices.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 5th September 2014, 2:19 pm

While I welcome this as a step in the right direction, the figures quoted were 429 fines in approximately 300 days, just under 1.5 prosecutions per day.

If my doctor or dentist only dealt with less than two patients per day I would be appalled.

I drive to my work, mainly along the M62 Eastbound. Whilst driving on the inside lane at 70mph, I am overtaken by dozens of motorists driving well in excess of the speed limit, often sitting in the outside lane to achieve such speeds, despite the middle lane being empty.

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I pass at least 10 people, some “professional drivers”, wandering between lanes while texting and a minimum of five using hand held phones, despite a recent case where a woman was jailed for six years for killing a pedestrian because she was using her phone while driving.

Indicators appear to be a thing of the past. It has become lawless on many stretches of motorway now because many motorists have learned that there is no one there to stop them driving in such an inconsiderate and arrogant manner.

I am mindful of Government cuts and where the blame lies but, if I can go out on a daily basis and see such number of offences, a job I am not paid to do, 1.5 prosecutions per day can only be described as abysmal.

The police need to claim back the streets and motorways and in the interests of safety and introduce some discipline back into a very arrogant and undisciplined group of road users.

Ray Price

Hadleigh Rise