Letter: Our key workers are paid peanuts

Like millions of others last Thursday I joined the applause for the NHS staff and carers.

By Holly Gittins
Thursday, 9th April 2020, 12:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th April 2020, 12:04 pm

This Thursday we’ve been asked to remember the other key workers in shops, delivering our mail and parcels, emptying our bins and keeping transport running.

Its worth remembering that these are some of the poorest paid workers who often have to use food banks to feed their families and have no security of employment.

It is not an accident that we live in a country that values bankers and stock market executives above those key workers. Greed is rewarded while caring professions are paid peanuts!

Letter: Our key workers are paid peanuts

So the next time you applaud these heroes you need to reflect on whether you are like Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock who hypocritically clapped, having voted against pay rises for NHS workers and made a hostile environment for immigrants due to Brexit (Scarborough Malaysian doctor suffered racial abuse).

Only if you are prepared to stand up for these devalued workers when this is over and change a discredited system can you truly be sincere.

Tom Farrell, via email

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