LETTERS: A pointless bridge in Upton

In Upton village, close to the Co-op store on Waggon Lane, there is a humpback bridge over what was once a railway serving Upton Colliery.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th March 2017, 9:22 am

I am told the mine shut in November 1964, but now in 2017 the bridge is still there.

I’ve lived in the village for 32 years and have never seen a pedestrian walk under it, it is inaccessible for road vehicles and the railway under it was dismantled decades ago.

The good news is that the council still spends money maintaining, repairing and upgrading it.

The bridge serves no useful purpose and it is a traffic hazard because of the severity of the hump and its blind summit.

I am probably being stupid but I just can’t understand why the council doesn’t demolish it, lay a flat road where this hazard used to be and stop spending any more of our money maintaining this harmful and unnecessary bridge.

David Hodgson, Cross Street, Upton