Appeal launched after ferret found on the loose at Castleford Tigers stadium

Tiger the ferret was found at the Jungle Stadium earlier this month. Photo: RSPCA
Tiger the ferret was found at the Jungle Stadium earlier this month. Photo: RSPCA

A ferret has been taken into care after being found on the loose at Castleford Tigers stadium.

The ferret, who has been named Tiger, is being cared for by the RSPCA, after he was found at The Jungle Stadium on Tuesday, October 1.

RSPCA animal collection officer Hannah Williams, who was dispatched to catch the little critter, said: “Tiger was causing quite the scrum running loose outside the rugby stadium but luckily someone had been able

“Ferrets can be fairly feisty and he’d given someone a nip as they tried to catch him so I had to be careful. I knew I had to try and, thankfully, I was able to catch him safe and sound.

“Luckily, by full time, he was captured and safely confined in a pet carrier so I could get him to the vets for a check-up.

“The male polecat ferret - a hybrid between a wild European polecat and a domesticated ferret - wasn’t microchipped so we’re not sure where he’s come from. He may be an escaped pet or the poor little thing might have been abandoned after finding himself in the sin bin.”

Earlier this year, Castleford Tigers posted an appeal after finding a ferret on the loose before a match.

The RSPCA have added Tiger to PetsLocated, a website for lost and found pets, and put up posters in Castleford in an attempt to reunite him with his rightful owner.

Anyone who recognises Tiger or knows someone who is missing a ferret is asked to contact the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Hannah Williams.

Hannah said: “It’d be great to reunite Tiger with his rightful owner. If not, we’ll find him a lovely new home.”

Ferrets are fun, cheeky pets who have an inquisitive and active nature. They do need careful handling to get them used to human contact.

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