Are these the world’s rudest plants?

Red faced gardeners have named and shamed the world’s rudest plants but how many are growing in your garden?

Rude plants
Rude plants

From hooker’s lips to the naked man orchid researchers from the online garden centre have identified eight slightly offensive plants from across the globe. Whether it is a flower in the form of a naked man or a sexually-suggestive shrub, rude plants show that nature really does have a great sense of humour.

So-called because of its uncanny resemblance to a heavily made-up mouth wearing lipstick, It's a shrub native to rainforests and can grow over three metres tall.
Known as the Worlds smelliest flower, they bloom around once every 7 years and when they do, produce a foul smell that can only be described as rotting flesh.
Common in Mediterranean countries, the naked man orchid, sometimes known as the Italian orchid, mimics a naked man. Seeds can be bought online.
Sometimes dubbed as the penis pepper, this needs no explanation as to why its rude! This variety of chili pepper is actually one of the hottest in the world.
This orchid species also produces a bit of a rude sight. It's native to Southern India, has a flower that resembles a cloaked woman with large breasts.
Found all across Eastern Africa, the tree produces a poisonous fruit. Women have historically used the pulp to rub onto their skin to prevent blemishes.
This one speaks for itself really. The flower of the vine was first described as mimicking female genitals and was therefore given its rather rude name.
Grown in the UK, for a few weeks before they flower, they have a pendulous tube that resembles a certain part of the male anatomy.