Big Joanie set to play Wakefield Long Division Festival for the first time

It's the first time in Wakefield for Big Joanie.

By James Carney
Friday, 10th September 2021, 2:07 pm
Updated Friday, 10th September 2021, 2:11 pm

The band were making waves before the pandemic with 2018 debut album Sistahs.

Guitarist and vocalist Stephanie Phillip summed up the band: "I'd say we're a Black feminist punk band. We are about creating a positive atmosphere. We love seeing people dance and have fun. We have elements of indie, post punk and a bit of 60s girl groups.

"Before the pandemic we were working on an album, the first couple of songs and a year of touring supporting bands and trying to grow.

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Big Joanie

"As Covid hit it had to stop. Going from playing every other week to not seeing bandmates for ages was a strange thing to deal with.

"Like most bands we tried to make the best of it and write more songs.

"Your band is like you little gang - they always have you back and you can rely on them.

"You don't always get that in this world so being able to hang out is really good.

"Writing on your own is really boring and seeing how we connect with each other reminds you what you're in it for.

"Since we been able to play live again people have been really enthusiastic. They've been locked indoors forever and they're reconnecting with their love of live music.

"People can take live music for granted and maybe go out and maybe think 'I'll just see them play the next time round'. I think people are appreciating it more now."

In August last year Big Joanie released a cover version of Solange's Cranes in the Sky from 2016 hit A Seat at the Table and a second album is on the way.

Long Divsion will be a chance for Wakefield fans to see finally see them face to face.

Stephanie said: "We were supposed to be playing it before the pandemic but because it was delayed it will be our first time in Wakefield and we are really looking forward to it. We always have a lot of fun when we leave London.

"We are really looking forward to playing, seeing everyone from Wakefield and exploring the city."