Call to remove travellers who are using Wakefield canal bank as toilet

Calls are growing for travellers to be banished from a Wakefield car park, following reports that they are going to the toilet in public view, and throwing bags of rubbish into the nearby canal.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 4:25 pm
The travellers are using the bank in front of the apartments as a toilet.
The travellers are using the bank in front of the apartments as a toilet.

The caravans have been pitched up in the corner of the Waterfront Car Park, off Barnsley Road, for around a week, and nearby residents say the often see the occupants defecating on canal side, in front of a block of apartments.

One resident, who lives in a nearby apartments, said: "It's just disgusting.

"Whilst the several previous groups have usually come and gone relatively quickly, this group appears to be determined to despoil the local environment - the group have openly been defecating in full view of Hebble Wharf.

"They've thrown full bags of rubbish into the river, dumped dirty water and bits of rubbish over the fence and have broken off the padlock for the gate separating the council car park from the canal.

"Might now be the time to erect a lockable height barrier at the entrance? Had this barrier been included at the start, then an awful lot of people's time and organisation's resources would have been saved and used for more productive activities."

The resident said the police have visited several times, and yet the families remain.

Wakefield Council has also been contacted, and Councillor Olivia Rowley has since responded.

She said: "We have already complained and instigated action to move the travellers from the car park.

"There will, unfortunately, have to be court processes, particularly as there is no site to move them to.

"The site at Heath (Common) is for residents and is full with a waiting list.

"We have no barriers on our other car parks but we will ask officers to consider this. Obviously to lock it would mean someone opening and closing it again each day."