Castleford social club's licence revoked after three violent incidents

A social club has been stripped of its licence following of number of violent altercations, including an incident in which a committee member attacked a drinker.

The Ex Services Club on Powell Street. (Google Maps)
The Ex Services Club on Powell Street. (Google Maps)

Castleford Ex Services Club was given a warning last year after a man was glassed on the premises, but was allowed to remain open if the club adhered to a set of stringent regulations.

But since then two more serious attacks have taken place, including an incident in December in which a man was left with a broken cheekbone.

In March of this year a man was punched to the floor by a committee member and stamped on.

CCTV screened at a licensing committee meeting this week showed the horrific attack, and the bar area being tidied up around the man who lay in a semi-conscious state on the floor and covered in blood.

The club was criticised for not contacting the police, failing to preserve the scene and failing to administer first aid to the victim straight away.

The licensing committee deemed that the club’s actions had “fallen way below the standards required” and that there was “no other step appropriate” than to revoke their licence.

PC Toby Warden, West Yorkshire Police’s licensing officer, said during the hearing: “We are now 16 months down the road from the first incident, the club understood what it needed to do.

“We have had two further assaults and it does not look like any lessons have been learned.

“Every time we have been we have had to push for things to be done. Every time we have done a compliance check they have been found wanting.

“They know how serious it is for their premises when a serious incident happens.

“What do we have to do to make it change?”

Despite this, representatives from the Powell Street club who attended the hearing claimed they had gone “up and above” what was expected, including bringing in HD CCTV cameras, training up staff and even introducing door staff at weekends.

Jack Coulson, secretary to the club, said during the hearing: “We have got rid of the rougher element but you can’t pre-empt somebody being stupid.

“We are trying very hard to get it back on its feet. It would be a big loss.”

He said £23,000 had been spent on a recent renovation of the club.