Desperate ‘cat mum’ looking to borrow drone and offering £500 to find missing feline

A couple from Castleford are offering £500 to anybody who finds their beloved cat, Teddy.

By Shawna Healey
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 11:01 am
Updated Thursday, 4th August 2022, 11:14 am
Rebecca and Callum Rickets are offering £500 for the safe return of their beloved cat, Teddy.
Rebecca and Callum Rickets are offering £500 for the safe return of their beloved cat, Teddy.

Rebecca Ricketts and her husband Callum have been looking tirelessly for their beloved pet, who they believe is a mix of a mainecoone and British longhair,who has been missing for more than three months.

Teddy is predominantly an indoor cat but was last seen outside his owners property on April 24.

Rebecca and Callum set up a Facebook group to try and track the feline down and are looking for somebody who could fly a drone over some of the areas where they think he may be.

Rebecca and Callum are offering £500 for Teddy's return.

Rebecca said: “Teddy went missing from the Headfield Court area in Castleford.

“He is usually an indoor cat but wanders in our garden occasionally.

“My husband left Teddy and my other cat, Casper, out at the same time at around 10am but didn’t realise.

“When Casper came home, he shut the door because he thought Teddy was upstairs on the bed but he wasn’t.

Teddy and seven-year-old Casper.

“Teddy came back to the estate at around 2.30pm and he was trying to climb over the fence but he got scared and hasn’t been back since.”

Teddy is a tortoiseshell cat with a white belly, four white paws, green eyes and a large bushy tail.

He is neutered and microchipped but wasn’t wearing a collar on the day he went missing.

Rebecca and Callum are hoping that he is still out there and that somebody may have spotted him.

Rebbeca said: “I’ve put posters up, I’ve walked the streets posting leaflets and posted pictures of him on social media.

“There have been a couple of leads but it is just a cat that looks like him. I thought he looked quite unique until he went missing!

“We’re looking for somebody who could potentially help search for Teddy with a drone.

“We live next to loads of fields and a lot of it you can’t access because of the train track and metal fences.

“We were thinking if somebody could help with a drone over the bits we can’t access that would be really helpful.”

There has been one small silver lining to Teddy’s disappearance.

When out looking, Rebecca found a 10-year-old cat called Bella who now lives with her, Callum and Casper.

To help with the drone or if you have any sightings of Teddy please visit the Help Find Teddy Facebook group or email

Rebecca at [email protected] or phone the Animal Search hotline on 0800 43020 340.