Dozens of men wanted to take part in a music video in Wakefield on Thursday

An award-winning Wakefield-based filmmaker is appealing for as many men as possible to volunteer to help him make a music video on Thursday evening.

Jonny White is making a music video in Wakefield
Jonny White is making a music video in Wakefield

Jonny White, aged 28, was approached by Leeds songwriter Tom Moon to direct a music video for his song Mother's Heart which is about men's mental health.

Two years ago Jonny created The Voices of Men’ - filmed in and around Leeds - which features the emotional stories of anonymous men who share their personal experiences - battling mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Tom, aged 35, who teaches at a school in South Leeds, was aware of the film and approached Jonny to collaborate on this latest project.

Tom said: "I recorded the song last year at home and then one of my friend's, Ben Whelan, helped me do the mixing and mastering of it.

"We hope to release it very soon.

"I have a few mates who have lost loved ones to suicide so it's my way of raising awareness of how many young men mental health impacts on and providing a voice for it.

"Hopefully it may help someone in some way to speak to someone or get some help."

Jonny said: ""We'd like as many men as possible to meet up at 6.30pm on Thursday July 21 in the field at the back of Silcoates Street.

"It's going to be for the end of the video where Tom will be standing in the field and will sing the last line: 'How many more is it going to take before its too late' as the camera reveals a huge group of men, with their backs to the camera to give it a sense of scale.

Tom said: "It will be fantastic to get as many men out as possible - I can't wait to see the finished product."

Jonny and Tom will release the video on the usual social media platforms and are also hoping to submit it to some larger festivals and national music video awards.

Jonny works in marketing, making videos for schools, but he is working to his long-term goal of directing music videos and commercials full time.