Emmerdale star ‘shocked’ to be stopped by police in Pontefract celebrating her 19th birthday

The actress who plays Amelia Spencer on Emmerdale was “shocked” after being stopped by ‘fanboy’ police officers on a night out in Pontefract.

By Shawna Healey
Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 11:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 11:18 am
Morgan and Riley from the Pontefract and Knottingley Neighbourhood Policing Team are megafans of Emmerdale.
Morgan and Riley from the Pontefract and Knottingley Neighbourhood Policing Team are megafans of Emmerdale.

Daisy Campbell was celebrating her recent 19th birthday with friends when she was stopped by officers from the Pontefract and Knottingley Neighborhood Policing Team.

Officers Morgan and Riley were out on night time economy patrols on Saturday when they spotted the young actress.

After initially appearing shocked that the police wanted to speak with her, she soon relaxed when she realised that she wasn’t in trouble and they explained why they stopped her.

Daisy Campbell has played Amelia Spencer since she was only seven years old.

West Yorkshire Police shared photos of the celebrity encounter on the force's Facebook page, with both officers smiling with the actress.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: "When two of our officers, who just so happen to both be big fans of Emmerdale, saw Amelia Spencer from the soap it was only natural for them to become 'fanboys' and ask for a photo with her!”

Daisy has played Amelia on the soap for over 11 years, landing the role at the age of seven.

The star was born in Methley and lives in Leeds where the ITV show is filmed.

Her character has been at the centre of various storylines recently including one surrounding body image.

Most recently her character discovered she was pregnant in dramatic scenes that unfolded on screen last week.

The storyline was pitched to producers by Daisy and her co-star Liam Fox, who plays her on screen father Dan Spencer.

She has also been part of ITV’s ‘Get Britain Talking’ campaign.

Daisy recently said: “Almost half of all young people in the UK struggle with anxiety.

“So, whether you’re a teen or an adult, let’s all take a moment to reach out to each other, just to say – we’re here.”

The police spokesperson added: “We on the Pontefract and Knottingley Neighbourhood Policing Team feel that this is a great way of raising awareness on this subject and would like to show our support to the campaign and the extremely talented young actress, who we wish every success to in the future.”