Fury over pupils punished for 'extreme haircuts'

Furious parents have hit out at a school after their youngsters were put into isolation for their 'extreme' haircuts.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 1:21 pm

A number of youngsters have been placed in to 'step-up' at Crofton Academy after returning to school after the recent holidays, meaning they have been separated from their usual classes until their hair grows out.

But frustrated parents have criticised the High Street school, saying the haircuts are far from extreme, with one mother describing her son's cut as a regular "short back and sides".

She said: "My son is not allowed to attend lessons at the moment until his hair round the sides grows past a grade 2.

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One of the boys who was put into isolation for having an 'extreme' haircut.

"Their policy on the school website says that extreme haircuts cause a talking point for children in class and can cause distraction.

"My son has what I call a classic short back and sides and always looks presentable and smart.

"I am appalled that he is in what the school call step-up, which is basically isolation for children not in correct uniform.

"They have missed enough education as it is this last 12 months.

Should this be regarded as 'extreme'?

"I am also of the opinion that what they are doing is discrimination. My son can have his hair as long as he wants but does not have the freedom of choice to have his hair short."

Another parent, whose young son had his hair shaved at the back at grade-2 length and was put into 'step-up' for three days, said "It's very subjective and very draconian.

"His hair is not extreme at all, he is being penalised even though he has abided by the policy."

One of the parents has now contacted her MP over the decision, but Crofton Academy has defended its actions.

A statement release by the school reads: "Everyone at Crofton Academy is working relentlessly to make it be the best school it can be.

"This year, we have raised standards across the academy including our expectations of behaviour and uniform, this has been clearly communicated to all pupils and parents.

"The improvements made this year have been largely well received by parents, pupils, staff and the Crofton community."