Huge backlash over 'extreme' hair cut as hundreds criticise school decision

Hundreds of readers have criticised a school for putting pupils into isolation for having 'extreme' haircuts.

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 11:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 11:20 am
The 'extreme' haircut that got readers angry.

The mother of one boy even sent in a photo of his hair, which Crofton Academy claimed to be unacceptable, but which she argued was a simple 'short back and sides'.

AIt is understood a number of youngsters have been taken out of the classroom and put into isolation until their hair grows out.

And many agreed when the piece was published online, saying the school needed to have a serious look at its policies.

On Facebook, Liz Sadler labelled it "absolutely ridiculous", adding: "His hair is short smart and easy to manage. It looks lovely. It's nothing to do with the school."

Jo Beswick said: "What a joke. I presume the school still has lessons that are dedicated to teaching these kids about tolerance and diversity."

Sian Louise Petts said: "If the school believes that his haircut is extreme when it's a pretty basic hair cut then they are idiots and need to re-think their values.

"Schools have become to up tight with their dress codes. I understand no makeup/little makeup wear your uniform correctly, but a haircut should be the only thing they get to decide for themselves, this gives the child a bit more freedom and less ruling, making them happier to go to school.

"When too many rules are enforced the kids do not want to learn."

Given the amount of school missed through lockdown, others said the schools should be easing up on the rules.

Catherine Greensmith said: "I think with all the schooling these kids have missed in the past year through no fault of their own it shouldn't matter what their hair looks like or what shoes they're wearing."

Steve Rigby added: "How about getting the kids up to date with their education rather than enforcing stupid rules over what is a standard haircut. Get a grip."

Some even took aim at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his much-maligned hairstyle.

Laurent Berges sad: "If the school needs examples of extreme / inappropriate hair styles, look no further than our Prime Minister! These kids are fine. These are neat cuts, not extreme."