Meet the Wakefield TikTok couple who tackle housework in unison

Meet the couple who tackle house clean in unison in oddly satisfying time-lapses.

By Leanne Clarke
Friday, 5th August 2022, 11:01 am
Updated Friday, 5th August 2022, 1:03 pm

Joanne Atack, 25, and her fiancé Jordan Buchan, 29, have been praised on social media for tackling house work as a team, breaking down stereotypes.

The couple, who live in Wakefield, have been documenting their efforts in oddly satisfying time-lapses they post the social media app TikTok.

They are now followed by over 165,000 people and their videos have received more than 1.9 millions likes

Joanne Atack, 25, and her fiancé Jordan Buchan, 29, have been praised on social media for tackling house work as a team, breaking down stereotypes. (SWNS)

Joanne, who runs an online print shop and her partner Jordan, a property developer and investor, care for four kids and share household chores around the house.

Joanne said: "We both work, we both have children and we both live in the same house.

"Why shouldn't the housework be split too? We wouldn't settle for anything less."

One of her videos was responded to with "Aww nice to see a man helping," to which Joanne responded "I don’t call it help. We work together because it’s OUR house."

And they do share the chores equally. Joanne explained how her and Jordan's weekly routine works.

She said: "I tend to dedicate 1 room to 1 day, this is how I do my deep cleans.

For example, On a Monday I will deep clean our bedroom."

"Both me and Jordan clean around work and the children, we live very busy lives so if we have a spare 10 minutes we will work as a team."

Joanne, as well as Jordan have an iron will, and can often stay focused on her daily tasks far longer than most people, but even they struggle with the amount of work their four kids and jobs create.

“Having children comes with dirty clothes and lots of them! It's fairly easy to keep up with when you stick to it but if you have a day off, it's game over."

So, how they keep things under control?

“Sharing responsibly is so important for both of us,” Joanne said.

“When the house is suffering a little bit after a fun filled weekend with the kids, we will both work together as a team to tackle everything.”

From what she says it is clear that this element of teamwork that she talks about is probably the most important part of her newfound domestic balance.

“We winged it to begin with. We were both falling behind on work, we weren't sleeping well,” she said.

“We had serious parental guilt because we felt that the kids weren't getting the time and attention that they deserved and we also had zero time to spend with each other.”

Despite the naysayers, which any online personality has, Joanne and Jordan seem to be doing something right, and the tens of millions of like that they get on their videos prove it.

Joanne added: “Communication is key. Explain to your partner about the importance of a routine. A job done togetheris a job halved.”

And lastly, the most important thing of all: “DON'T PUT IT DOWN, PUT IT AWAY”

Joanne spends two hours a day doing a quick little once over of the house, she gets a shocking amount done but the thing that has caused the biggest waves on TikTok is Jordan helping out.

Her fans constantly leave comments, saying: "where do I get one of these husbands that help? I think mine's broken."

Another said "my fella would be looking at me do all that and then wait for me to sit down before asking: so did you stick the kettle on?"