Neil Fox Way eastern relief road needs a bus service 'sooner rather than later' - here's what you said

Councillors have said that Wakefield's eastern relief road desperately needs a bus service to ease congestion.

Monday, 20th December 2021, 3:30 pm
Councillors have said that Wakefield's eastern relief road desperately needs a bus service to ease congestion - and you agree.

Neil Fox Way was opened in 2017, to offer a bypass round the city centre and be the spine for a mass housing development, known as City Fields.

But the new homes, which will eventually number 2,500 in total, are now generating heavy traffic along the road.

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Bus service for Neil Fox Way in Wakefield needed urgently, councillors say

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Wakefield Council's planning officers have described putting a high-frequency bus service on the route as a "long term aspiration".

But councillors agreed that a bus service for the area is needed 'sooner rather than later'.

Here's what you said:

Gill Cruise commented: "This could well be one of the biggest mistakes Wakefield Council has ever made. They have crammed far far too much development on that land, and the 'relief road' will become little more than a track running through, totally unfit for purpose. Massive problems lying ahead."

Richard Haigh said: "Should be a dual carriageway with proper bridges and roundabouts would be a start right up to the motorway. With all these new houses what about schools, doctors, shops etc etc? No sign of that."

Andrew Simmons added: "Should be a 40mph road or even a 50mph anyway instead of trundling at 30mph."

Mark John McCulloch said: "What did they expect was going to happen you build 2,500 houses with say two cars per house all trying to get to work and do the school run at the same time? All that has happened is that the congestion has moved from the city centre to another part of town. In the long term we need to come up with a better way of moving people around than a car,which in most instances will only have a driver in it ,yes more more buses and trains, but they need to operate when people need them,at the moment they operate for the 9 to 5 workers not shift workers, and are generally not that much cheaper than running a car."

Tom SC added: "They need bus lay bys and to connect the road to Calder Vale road through the viaduct of the railway whenever they decide what's going there. Greater access to Kirkgate will help traffic. Maybe input a train station between Eastmoor and the canal for outer Wakefield. More trains better connections, less traffic."

Ginny Hammond said: "Nightmare at any time, we use it to go to Pontefract Hospital, but it's becoming a rat run already, when all those houses have two cars each, oh my word."

Johnjoe Lee said: "Saves me going through town . It's all right if you don't go that way at rush hour."

Carol Ogilvie Campbell said: "No lay-bys for buses so will cause traffic to queue even more that it does now."