Plans submitted for more than 200 new homes for Castleford

Persimmon Homes has submitted its plans to build 208 houses on land at Ackton Pasture, Castleford - the second phase of its Sycamore Gardens scheme.
A plan of the proposed development at Ackton Pastures in Castleford.A plan of the proposed development at Ackton Pastures in Castleford.
A plan of the proposed development at Ackton Pastures in Castleford.

If granted, the development will comprise a mix of two, three and four-bedroom terraced, semi-detached and detached houses, 30 per cent of which will be classed as affordable housing.

It is proposed that access will be via Sycamore Drive with a new pedestrian/cycle link off Wood Lane, which will also provide a way in for emergency vehicles.

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So far five objections have been lodged against the development

Two objectors writing on the council's planning portal said there were enough new houses in the area and that there were no plans for new schools or GP surgeries with exiting ones being at full capacity.

Another said: "It would mean a loss of an area thriving with wildlife and trees.

Someone else agreed, saying: "Local deer are often present in the area along with other ecological wildlife such as birds and newts.

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"The area has had housing development for the last 10 years causing disruption to the neighbourhood - the local wildlife will be affected.

"Existing trees which are becoming mature will be ripped out and there is no open land for walking and separation between existing housing estates".

One person was concerned about access issues and stated: " I do not have an objection to the houses being built but I have issue with the proposed entrance to the estate.

"This estate is only to be accessed through the current Sycamore Garden estate which only has one entrance/exit that is already extremely narrow.

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"Currently it can be difficult if people are trying to enter and exit the estate simultaneously by car.

"To add another 200+ houses to this estate with the only one entrance/exit will only exacerbate the problem."

A Persimmon Homes spokesperson said: “This application follows our successful development of Phase 1 at Sycamore Gardens.

"The site is allocated for housing in the emerging Wakefield Local Plan and we have worked positively with Wakefield Council to bring the site forward for development.

"We look forward to working with the council, residents and consultees now that the application has been submitted.”