These Google Street View images show the massive changes in Wakefield over past 10 years

When the first Google Street View images of Wakefield went live over a decade ago, they were a sensation, but now, more than a decade on from their initial publication, the historical value of those early images has increased tenfold.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 3:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 3:28 pm
These Google Street View images show the massive changes in Wakefield over past 10 years

Since then, the Street View team at Google have been publishing fresh interactive panoramas of the city on a regular basis.

An accompanying time slider function allows the user to reel back the years and select almost any season they like between August 2008, when the first images were captured, to the present day.

While the technology has clear practical uses, the historical value of the images captured by Google increases with every day, month, year and decade that passes. Never before have we been able to view 360 degree panoramas of our towns and cities as they looked in bygone eras.

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Do you recognise this piece of land? It's on Back Lane and was taken in 2008...

So, what has changed in Wakefield?

For one, the changes Trinity Walk has brought to the city...

The multi-storey on Bond Terrace as it stood in 2008 before it was demolished.
The latest Google picture taken in 2020 shows the now car park standing in its place.
Maybe this picture looks more familiar. The piece of land now stands Escabar on Back Lane.
Walking down Brook Street, the building of Trinity Walk was underway in 2009.
And Brook Street taken after the building of Trinity Walk.
The huge Chantry House as it stood in 2009.
And again after Chantry House had been demolished, taken in 2020.
The building of part of Trinity Walk was underway, taken from Marsh Street in 2009.
And again, 11 years later in 2020.
How the piece of land looked in the city in 2009.
And the modernised look Westgate Station has now, photo taken in 2020.
This picture was taken of Trinity Walk, from Brook Street, back in 2009.
And here's what became of that peice of land, 11 years on in 2020.
Before the building work started at Theatre Royal Wakefield. This photo was taknen in 2009.
And £900,000 later, here's the new cultural arts centre, taken in 2020.