Touch screen information kiosks to be introduced as part of £57K project to improve Wakefield city centre

Wakefield Council has recently implemented a £57,000 project to improve part of the precinct and encourage shoppers and businesses back into the area.

By Leanne Clarke
Monday, 20th May 2019, 12:20 pm
Updated Monday, 20th May 2019, 1:20 pm
CounMathew Morle is pleased with the work done to improve the area.
CounMathew Morle is pleased with the work done to improve the area.

At the Kirkgate end of the precinct, a number of benches have been refurbished, trees tidied up and bollards and lampposts have been repainted.

Future works will see the removal of the old, red telephone boxes to be replaced with modern, touch screen kiosks that will contain wayfinding information for the people of Wakefield.

There has also been new signage installed and artificial turf fitted around the trees, which have had guards and grates removed to create a more welcoming space.

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The work has brightened up the area and a major focus of the scheme was to remove any hidden spaces where anti-social behaviour could take place.

The eight new benches, as opposed to the previous 20, have all been placed down the middle of the pavement facing the same way, to prevent the congregation of groups and to allow the seating area to be visible to CCTV, once again to act as a deterrent to any anti-social behaviour.

Coun Mathew Morley, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways, said: "We are really pleased with the work done to improve the area and it is now an attractive and safe place for residents to sit and of course, shop.

"It is also hoped the improvements will attract new businesses into the area, now that we have taken steps to deter any anti-social behaviour and that the Kirkgate end of the precinct can now thrive once again."

This further regeneration to the city centre follows the completion of a £6million highways improvement scheme to the Kirkgate area, the refurbishment of the train station and the upcoming demolition of Chantry House.