VIDEO: Young football team recreate John Barnes' England rap

A young team swapped the football pitch for being pitch perfect to help recreate the iconic John Barnes rap from England's 1990 World Cup song.

By Nick Frame
Friday, 24th April 2020, 11:00 am

The youngsters at Moorthorpe and South Elmsall U9s learned the lyrics from the New Order track - World in Motion - with the players then being filmed in their own homes and gardens rapping a line each before showing off their skills with the ball.

The footage was then spliced together and played over the top of the song.

And the result has helped raise more than £1,300 so far for the NHS after a Just Giving page was set up.

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The youngsters from Moorthorpe and South Elmsall U9s

Gemma Jones, whose son plays for the young side, said it was a joint effort between parents.

She explained: "We just wanted to get the boys connected again, it's been a long time and they're all miss playing.

"We saw these different challenges and one of the other boy's mum came up with the John Barnes rap.

"We spoke to all the parents and asked if each of the boys could do a line from the rap and they sent it to us and I collected it and put it together.

"I think a lot of them were really out of their comfort zone because none of them had ever even heard the song before.

"But we showed them some of the others doing it and that encouraged them.

"We were quite tough about it and we had to do a few re-edits - we had to get them in time and in tune!

"But it was really good fun and it got their spirits up."

She said that they initially wanted to raise around £100 for the NHS through donations from parents but the video has been shared across social media.

"The reaction we have had has been lovely," said Gemma.

"We've been on the radio and we've had some re-tweets from some footballers so all the boys think they're a bit famous now!"

To donate , click here.The song, which involved several of the England players of the time, was released in May 1990 ahead of the team's participation in the World Cup in Italy.

The rap by Liverpool player John Barnes is the most memorable part of the track, which reached number 1 in the charts and has since been voted the best ever England football song, beating the 1996 track, Three Lions, into second place.