Wakefield Christmas Hamper appeal returns to help families in need

It’s almost Christmas and that can only mean one thing – yes, the Wakefield Christmas Hamper Appeal is back.
Wakefield Christmas Hamper Appeal volunteers packing hampers last year.Wakefield Christmas Hamper Appeal volunteers packing hampers last year.
Wakefield Christmas Hamper Appeal volunteers packing hampers last year.

As with every year for the past 10 years or so, Chantry Rotary Club, in association with the Community Awareness Program in Market Street and with the fantastic support of the Wakefield Express, is organising the Christmas Hamper Appeal.

The appeal provides festive food hampers to those who are perhaps less fortunate than ourselves. Over the years this has been happening, we have collected and packed more than 7,000 hampers, all of which have been distributed throughout Wakefield and the Five Towns.

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Over the last five years the Children First organisation has been the conduit through which the hampers have reached the most needy families. Some schools and churches have also benefitted from this programme.

And 2023 will be no different. We need you, the generous Wakefield Express readers, to once again provide help in the form of finished hampers donated via the Community Awareness Programme (CAP) in Market Street.

Time is of the essence here, so please, use the list below to make up and get us your hampers if at all possible before the week commencing November 20.

If you are not able to make up a hamper but want to help with the appeal, then a financial donation via CAP would be really appreciated.

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Hampers should include: tea or coffee, sugar, long life milk, breakfast cereal, tinned potatoes or instant mash, tinned vegetables, stuffing tinned ham or corned beef, pasta or rice, pasta in sauce or cup soups, gravy granules, tinned fruit, fruit juice or cordial, chocolate biscuits, jam or marmalade, children’s sweets and a box of Christmas chocolates.

Please remember – no alcohol or fresh, frozen and chilled foods.

Additional foods or Christmas novelties can also be included

CAP are situated on Market Street in Wakefield and they will be happy and ready to accept both donations and finished hampers.

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Bob Guard, from Chantry Rotary Club, said: “Once again we are really pleased to be teaming up with the Wakefield Express and CAP to organise the Christmas Hamper Appeal.

“This annual appeal is more relevant today than ever before with the cost-of-living crisis impacting on more and more families. So, everything we can do to help alleviate that will be welcomed by the community in general.”

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