Wakefield couple desperately trying to save their beloved dog's eyesight call for help

A couple are hoping dog-loving Wakefield will help them save their dog's eyesight.

By Leanne Clarke
Monday, 27th September 2021, 11:47 am
Winston Pugsley Haigh, known as Winnie,has glaucoma.
Winston Pugsley Haigh, known as Winnie,has glaucoma.

Elizabeth Haigh is hoping to raise £2,000 for Winston Pugsley Haigh, known as Winnie, her nine year old American Bulldog who has glaucoma.

Mrs Haigh, from Lupset, said: "The vet was hoping to get the pressure down in his eye and he has been receiving treatment for the past four months.

"On his last vet visit, it was said that Winnie had lost the sight in that eye and the pressure hadn't gone down very much.

Elizabeth Haigh with Winnie.

"Worse case is that his eye could pop, then end up being surgery, so we're desperately raising funds for his operation before this could happen. The vet hasn't given a time limit, so it could happen any day."

Winnie is one of 14 pups, whose mother was also part of the Haigh family.

"We've had him since he could fit into the palm of my hand," Mrs Haigh said.

"We lost his mum, Tasher, in November 2019 and our other American Bulldog, Tia, in February this year. They were just over nine years old.

The couple are worried sick that they will lose Winnie.

"My husband, Paul, is worried sick that we could lose Winnie too.

"My husband has had PTSD (C-PTSD) and I'm his carer and what little savings we had went long ago with Covid.

"With the vet unable to offer a payment plan and the PDSA only taking emergency cases, I decided to start a GoFundMe page for his operation.

"Both my husband and I are unable to work and have very little income, so I'm putting it out there to the kind souls and animals lovers, to help try and raise the funds we need for Winnie.

Winnie is one of 14 pups, whose mother was also part of the Haigh family.

"Please dig deep - however large or small your donation is, please help us to get the operation that Winnie needs."

To make a donation, visit Winnie's GoFundMe page here.