Wakefield postal service delays - readers' reaction

Our story about the lack of mail deliveries in Wakefield provoked a strong response on social media with dozens of people commenting.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 1:22 pm
Postal services in Wakefield have been delayed.

Here is just a selection:

Barbara Leveridge: Can't believe that you pay extra money for it to go recorded delivery and it still doesn't get there I posted a birthday card from Bradford to Wakefield on the 29th Sept they received it 6th Oct with it being a large handmaid card I put a first and second class stamp on it it would have cost me another £6.31 if I had sent it by special delivery. It really is disgusting.

Paul Mitchell: Quite concerning really considering my bank card expires at the end of this month and I'm still waiting for the replacement.

Sarah Westwood: Affecting business post too, no delivery for over a week, had to lodge a complaint before we started getting a delivery, still only getting once or twice a week.

Karen Macgregor: I waited over two weeks for something that was on 48-hour tracked and I have also been told that recorded deliveries are just been pushed through letter boxes. Both are services which cost a premium that people have paid for.

Neil Anderson: No excuses it should be sorted out been going on for weeks now, people rely on the post, important documents, packages and other items, it wants sorting now.

Vicky Brian: They're short staffed its to be expected as long as he comes once a week and my son doesn't miss any hospital appointments I Don't mind.

Natalie Nicholls: It's like anywhere. There is going to be sickness, no joke about it. They are probably run down with all the extra parcels/letters they have had to deliver in the last 18 months.

Zoe Illingworth: I don’t get much post anyway, but I see the post man/woman on our street about once a week surely the entire street isn’t the same?