Wakefield’s Eastern Relief Road was ‘built for housing’

“It was never a relief road, it was built purely to unlock all that land for building.”

Friday, 17th September 2021, 9:17 am

Readers have spoken out about the eastern relief road in Wakefield amid claims that resolving city centre traffic was not at the forefront of planners’ thoughts.

As the City Fields housing development moves forward, traffic levels are building on the road which has since been named Neil Fox Way.

While some have said the road should have been made a dual carriageway, others maintain the housing plans took precedent.

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With the Express opening the debate on Facebook, there was no shortage of interest.

Paul Davis said: “It was never a relief road, it was built purely to unlock all that land for building. Better description would have been Wakefield eastern economic corridor, but that doesn’t sound as jazzy.”

Mark Norris responded: “If it was a bypass it would have been dual carriageway, but you get what you pay for.”

Many said that traffic was already becoming an issue.

Ian Dunnock said: “It’s massively congested at rush hour as it is, it will be completely gridlocked as it becomes more developed.”

However, Lws Aar could see the benefits of the road.

They said: “Unfortunately congestion is one of the negatives of a prosperous city, with congestion and more people will mean extra funds to the council, extra funds should then equal growth and development. Sure it’s bad, but it means Wakefield may start to fulfil its potential as a city.”