Warning to villagers over wet wipe sewer blockages

A blockage found in the sewer at Wragby.A blockage found in the sewer at Wragby.
A blockage found in the sewer at Wragby.
Villagers are being warned to stop flushing wet wipes the toilet after several recent blockages to the sewer system

Yorkshire Water is urging customers in Wragby to dispose of the stubborn wipes in the bin, because workers have been called out to blockages.

Jason Aldred, operational field manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “Blockages caused by wet wipes can have a significant impact, particularly on smaller treatment works such as Wragby.

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"They can cause the sewer network to back up and may lead to sewage escapes in homes or in the local environment.

“It is really important our customers in the area only flush the 3Ps – pee, poo and paper – down their toilets, as items like wet wipes or sanitary products can quickly have a negative impact on the function of the network.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in these types of blockages at Wragby in recent months and we hope by sharing some of the images people will understand the impact flushing wipes can have.”