'We've never seen flooding like it' say residents as Storm Ciara batters Wakefield

People in Horbury Bridge are picking up the pieces after the village was hit by flooding.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 10th February 2020, 4:22 pm
Updated Monday, 10th February 2020, 5:30 pm

The district was battered by Storm Ciara leaving businesses underwater and residents stranded in their homes.

The Horse and Jockey in Horbury Bridge was one of the worst affected with inches of water gathered in the pub and the cricket field behind completed submerged.

Landlord Paul Robinson: "It was like a river coming down the car park. At first we were joking and taking videos and all of a sudden it started coming in through the pool room door and everyone started panicking.

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Floods on Reid Park Avenue in Horbury Bridge.

"We shut about 5pm. Water started coming behind the bar and it all ended up flooding. We went upstairs then, there was nothing else we could do about it.

"We thought - not again. We've had major problems with the toilets and had them done. You spend all that money and it's just a waste. It's one thing after another.

"It took about an hour and a half to go from nothing to completely flooded. It's never happened before. We never got flooded when we had the Ship, which is now Bosco's.

"But so many people have come round or sent messages asking if we need a hand, you feel like crying. It's just so lovely.

David Taylor at his flooded home in Horbury Bridge.

"There's been people come in and ask to help. We said there's not much they can do right now so they told us 'that's fine, we'll be here tomorrow if you need us. The community has been brilliant. We can't knock the people, this is what has made us feel better today."

One person decided to make the most of cricket pitch turning into a lake by taking to the water on a lilo.

Paul said it looked like he was expecting the wind to carry him to the other side but ran into a bit of trouble and was stuck in the middle when the gust dropped.

Paul added: "It must be three-foot deep and freezing cold there. It's just mad."

Paul and Pauline Robinson in the beer garden at the Horse and Jockey.

Some neighbouring streets near to Horbury Bridge School were completely submerged with water running right into the ground floor of houses.

Reid Park Avenue was particularly badly affected.

Patrick Harris, 83, was brushing water down a drain in his yard the day after his home was hit.

He said: "Water has never got in the house before in the 40 years I've lived here. When it started yesterday we didn't think it would get in.

Water being pumped at Reid Park Avenue.,

"The fire service have been great with asking if we need anything. You can't fault them."

David Taylor and Kate Hart have only lived on the street for six months and it's the second time that water has got into their property.

David said: "It's a nice place to live but this problems needs to be dealt with.

"We should be at work right now but instead we're trying to find somewhere to live."

Claire Morgan, who works in the village Post Office, was at home on Sunday when the rain started coming down.

She said: "We weren't anticipating it at all. It's the first time it's come down quite like that.

Horbury Bridge

"I feel absolutely terrible for all the people whose homes were flooded."

Patrick Harris at his home in Horbury Bridge.