Politically Speaking with Jon Trickett MP: Victory for Crofton on HS2 depot location

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett believes we need to fight every inch of the way against the proposed HS2 route...

Crofton Against HS2 protestors.
Crofton Against HS2 protestors.

After months of behind the scenes lobbying, the Government have finally moved the proposed HS2 depot from Crofton to a much less disruptive location in Leeds. I met the HS2 Minister this week to confirm this and to secure a clarity going forward.

Victorious villagers stop HS2 in its tracksIt is a great success that we have stopped the depot being built in Crofton, but we cannot rest on our laurels. There is still the issue of the Parkway and also the placement of the final route to contend with. We will be working quietly to secure agreement on this, and to ensure any decisions are communicated clearly.

During the meeting, I demanded assurances from the HS2 minister about the proposed Parkway and was told in no uncertain terms that a decision will not come immediately, but will probably come early next year. Later this year HS2 will also launch a draft environment statement for consultation.

This, I am assured, will provide an opportunity for us to submit ideas and offer technical expertise about the proposed route. I have been promised by the Minister that letters will soon be sent containing more information on these proposals, and I will inform constituents as soon as I receive them.

Let’s be clear though, despite this victory, we will not be complacent. I have asked for everything in writing and will continue to put pressure on the Government and HS2 to ensure our communities are protected.

We are proud of our history and local fighting spirit and we wouldn’t be true to these if we took these new commitments as the end of it. After all, it was our area that fought the Thatcher Government, fought for community values and fought for justice. We are not going to hold back and we will fight every inch of the way against the proposed HS2 route.