Wakefield Council Local Election 2022 - all the results

Here are all the results from Wakefield Council Local Election 2022.

By Gavin Murray
Friday, 6th May 2022, 2:26 pm
Updated Friday, 6th May 2022, 6:32 pm

Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton

GABRIEL, Jody PaulGreen Party 288

GARBUTT, Allan William (Elected) Labour Party 1,537

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Wakefield Council Local Elections 2022

HIGGINS, Carol Denise ,Freedom Alliance. Truth, Equality and Health.121

MARSHALL, Gwen, Independent, 568

POINTON, David, Conservative Party Candidate, 916

Labour hold

Wakefield Council Local Elections 2022

Airedale and Ferry Fryston

BIRDSALL, Leah Jade,Liberal Democrat Focus Team 105

EVANS, Richard Charles,The Conservative Party Candidate 541

KENNEDY, Neil, Independent 311

SCOTT, Kathryn (Elected) Labour Party 1,524

Labour hold

Altofts and Whitwood

HALL, Leanne, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 159

SPEIGHT, Jacquie (Elected), Labour Party 2,053

THOMAS, John Robert, Independent 613

WRIGHT, Barbara Frances, The Conservative Party Candidate 809

Labour hold

Castleford Central and Glass Houghton

JEFFERY, Denise Margaret (Elected)Labour Party 1900

PHELPS, Paul, Yorkshire Party 471

SMART, Joanne Grace,Conservative Party Candidate 482

WALTON, Janet, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 88

Labour hold

Crofton, Ryhill and Walton

ALI, Usman (Elected)Labour Party 1,832

CLAYTON, Connor JamesLiberal Democrat Focus Team 364

NEWBY, Garry, Green Party 310

THOMAS, Chad Jordan, Conservative Party Candidate, 1,335

Labour hold


TAYLOR, Dick, Independent 717

TAYLOR, John Richard, The Conservative Party Candidate 597

VICKERS, Steve (Elected), Labour Party 2,000

Labour hold


JONES, Melanie (Elected) Labour Party 1,752

MORTON, Lyn, Green Party 604

MULLINS, Eamonn Malachy, Conservative Party Candidate 461

Labour hold

Horbury and South Ossett

CRUISE, Gill, Conservative Party Candidate, 1,522

GOODAIR, Mark Andrew, Liberal Democrat 289

KETT, Ryan DavidYorkshire Party 183

NICHOLLS, Deb (Elected), Labour Party 2,222

NORRIS, Richard HargreavesGreen Party 131

Labour gain


GIRT, Robert Peter (Elected), Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1,504

GREEN, Paul, Labour Party 1,216

KIRBY, Roger John, The Conservative Party Candidate, 254

Lib Dem gain


LAYTON, John Robert, Green Party 161

GOODALL, Deborah, Liberal Democrat Focus Team, 183

HARDWICK, James Robert,The Conservative Party Candidate, 697

OWEN, Isabel Martha (Elected), Labour Party 1,735

PARSONS, Cliff 280

Labour hold


DAWSON, Deborah LouiseYorkshire Party 317

FARMER, Nick (Elected), Conservative Party Candidate 1,818

KHAN, Armaan, Labour and Co-Operative Party 1,610

SARGEANT, Tony, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 333

SCOTT, StephenGreen Party 175

Tories hold

Pontefract North

ATHA, Sheila Bertha, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 116

DAWSON, Chris, Yorkshire Party 562

HYOMES, Christopher Robert, The Conservative Party Candidate 655

TENNANT, Clive Malcolm (Elected), Labour Party 1,718

TINGLE, Emma Kay, Green Party 255

Labour hold

Pontefract South

AYRE, George Alexander (Elected) Labour Party, 2,082

CRAVEN, James, Yorkshire Party 262

FISHWICK, Stephanie Grace, The Conservative Party Candidate 1,305

HAYES, Susan Liberal Democrat Focus Team, 133

LAKE, Trevor, Social Democratic Party 52

Labour hold

South Elmsall and South Kirkby

BATES, Stan (Elected) Labour Party 1,851

LUDEWIG, Stefan Arnold, Green Party 1645.4

RUZVIDZO, PerpertuaThe Conservative Party Candidate 445

STEVENS, Nikky , Independent 596

Labour hold

Stanley and Outwood East

COPELAND, Richard, Green Party 226

HARVEY, Gideon Guohong, The Conservative Party Candidate 1,122

HAWKSLEY, Brent Andrew, Yorkshire Party 326

MASTERMAN, Lynn (Elected)Labour Party 2,139

POLLACK, MalcolmLiberal Democrat Focus Team146

Labour Hold

Wakefield East

AYUB, Yubi (Elected) Labour Party 2,503

DODGSON, Michael, Freedom Alliance. Real People. Real Alternative 128

GRIFFITHS, Michael, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 102

HANNAM, Nick Conservative Party Candidate 616

MACKINTOSH KENT, Janet, Green Party 237

Labour hold

Wakefield North

FORMULI, Naeem Conservative Party Candidate 817

MACK, Andy Yorkshire Party 222

MACQUEEN, Joan Mary, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 146

PICKERSGILL, David (Elected) Labour Party 2,139

RUSSELL, Daniel Mark Green Party 199

Labour hold

Wakefield Rural

BRYAN, Jordan PhillipLabour Party 1,838

DAVIES, Lien Kerry, Freedom Alliance. The Real Alternative 69

HARVEY, Samantha (Elected)The Conservative Party Candidate 2,347

HERDSON, David John Rowntree, Yorkshire Party 428

SADLER, Karen Green Party 314

Conservative hold

Wakefield South

AHMED, Nadeem (Elected)The Conservative Party Candidate 1,836

BELBIN, Paul WilliamLabour Party 1,533

COCHRAN, Daniel MathiesonYorkshire Party 212

EBBS, Nigel James Liberal Democrat Focus Team 151

HOLMES, Krys Tal Green Party 203

Conservative hold

Wakefield West

BENTLEY, Richard Martyn Yorkshire Party 245

ELLIOTT, Lewis Conor Green Party 157

GIRT-WILSON, Carol Louise Liberal Democrat Focus Team 61

HAYCOCK, Gaynor Lindsay Freedom Alliance. Freedom for the People. 51

SWIFT, Kevin (Elected) Labour Party 1,770

WELDON, Laura Conservative Party Candidate 905

Labour hold

Wrenthorpe Outwood West

ALI, Waj The Conservative and Unionist Party 1,032

DE VERE, Natasha MarieLiberal Democrat Focus Team 182

DEWS, David Alan Reform UK 160

SHARP, Nadiah (Elected) Labour Party 1,607

STANSBY, Nic Independent 922

THOMPSON, OliverGreen Party 220

Labour gain