Improvement scheme could see sheltered accommodation in Havercroft replaced by bungalows

Sheltered accommodation for the elderly in Havercroft could be bulldozed and replaced by bungalows as part of a £2.3 improvement scheme.

Wakefield District Housing (WDH) has applied for planing permission to knock down the two-storey Whin View Court building with a view to creating the single storey dwellings.

The move would keep in line with the surroundings, which is predominantly made up of bungalows.

WDH says they are working with those still living on Whin View Court to fine them alternative accommodation.

the end?: Whin View Court could be demolished.

Mick Walsh, director of housing said the current building was built in the 1970s and has undergone improvements and refurbishments over the years,

Mick Walsh, director of housing for WDH, said: “Our decision to demolish the current building and rebuild with modern facilities is in line with our goal to provide the highest-quality homes.

“We hope that Wakefield Council will support our application to demolish the properties and enable us to replace the scheme with a number of bungalows which are in much higher demand in this area.

“The bungalow scheme will see an investment in excess of £2.3 million and the modern, purpose-built properties will enable residents in Havercroft to live in their own homes for longer.

“We are still looking at plans for the scheme and will continue to consult with residents throughout.”

A decision on the plans will be made at a later date.