UK plans new safety certificate mark for when we leave EU

The CE safety symbol belongs to the EUThe CE safety symbol belongs to the EU
The CE safety symbol belongs to the EU
Shoppers could be seeing a new safety symbol on certain products in the event of a no deal Brexit.

The current CE symbol, which shows consumers that an item meets legal requirements, belongs to the EU.

To prepare for a no-deal scenario, the UK government has drawn up a new logo, called the UKCA - UK Conformity Assessed.

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This is the marking that will be used, subject to parliamentary approval, for certain goods being placed on the UK market.

In many cases, firms will still be able to use the CE marking to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements, but in some cases they will need to apply the new UKCA marking to products being sold in the UK.

To check whether your business will need to use the UKCA marking, click here.

The rules for using the new UK conformity marking will be the same as those now used for CE marking.

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