Repairing Wakefield's roads: Here's where you think needs the most attention

With drivers and cyclists in Wakefield benefiting from better roads thanks to an extra slice of cash for repairs, readers have been having their say as to where they think the cash would be best spent.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th November 2018, 2:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 3:09 pm
Is there a road in Wakefield that you think needs desperate attention?
Is there a road in Wakefield that you think needs desperate attention?

The Department for Transport revealed how the £420 million announced in the Budget will be spent, and it brings the total funds for roads in Yorkshire and the Humber for this year up to £138 million.

With Wakefield receiving a total of £1,896,000 of the money, we asked which roads and areas you think need the cash injection the most.

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Here’s what you said:

Trudie Da Mata thinks: “Many Gates Lane, Balne Lane and Silcoats Street. Why not just re-do all of Wakefield?”

Dawn Bradley also believes Many Gates Lane. Adding: “And Portobello Road leading onto Portobello estate.”

Amanda Kemp said: “Carleton Glen in Pontefract, across from Friar Wood surgery. It’s got more holes than Swiss cheese.”

Paul Wormstone said: “The road from Normanton town centre to Stanley Ferry via Altofts. It’s like a third world cart track. I’m surprised anyone who uses it regular has any suspension left.”

Wayne X Michelle said: “The road through Kirkthorpe.”

Ginny Hammond added: “All our streets where they park for kids from Outwood. Patterson Court etc.”

Pete Norman [email protected] “Lodge Hill Road, Ossett.”

Dom Busby said: “Yeah, virtually every road in Wakefield has a pothole, some more severe than others. I have driven around and seen Wakefield Council with their white cans of spray paint marking all the potholes on Portobello estate when one of the worst parts has been left for years next to the little roundabout where the old Portobello pub used to be on the junction where Warren Avenue joins Portobello Road.”

Jeff Hudson said: “Every road in Wakefield. Go for a drive and find out.”

Margaret Vennard said: “Horbury Road between Sowood Avenue and Halfway House.”

Ryan Mounsey said: “Saw some blokes filling puddles with tar the other day, didn’t sweep any out just filled them up and plated them down. Waste of time as they will lift with the first frost.”

Karen Jackson said: “Broadway from Snapethorpe School to past Milton Road.”

Steph Wolford Well added: “Wakefield roads don’t need speed bumps as they all have natural ones - potholes. Its ridiculous, but they wont fix them properly so in six months after doing them they will be bad again.”

And Ali Ross suggested: “Hostingley Lane, that road is in a right mess at the top, especially on the bends where the tarmac has moved.”

Do you agree? Are there any others you think need more attention?