Results from Wakefield Council elections

Labour has managed to keep its stronghold on Wakefield Council during an election night of very few surprises.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th May 2016, 5:27 am
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 7:25 am
Election count
Election count

Council leader Peter Box managed to regain his seat in the Altofts and Whitwood ward.

Coun box said: "I am always a very nervous candidate. We have a very good majority so I'm really pleased.

"I am obviously sad that we lost one seat in Wakefield Rural but we have gained a seat in Ossett so our majority remains the same.

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"I think that is a reflection of what we have tried to do over the last few years, continuing to invest in the district and its people and trying to provide frontline services. We will continue to do that over the next few years.

And labour also made a gain by winning a seat in Ossett,

Newly elected Ossett councillor Lynne Masterman dedictaed her victory to her agent Peter Savage who died earlier this week.

She said: "I feel fantastic to have gained the seat and I am dedicating it to Peter Savage.

"Peter was my agent and he was the driving force behind the campaign from day one."

Ms Masterman decided to stand after her son Luke was diagnosed with illness.

She said: "I just saw that our NHS, which had done so much to help him, was being sold off piecemeal and I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to stand up and not stand by.":

But the Conservatives did mange to prise one seat from Labour by winning seat in the rural ward. Cynthia Binns took the victory after Labour councillor Lawrence Fitzpatrick retired.

Cynthia Binns said: "I feel absolutely fantastic to have won the seat, it's brilliant.

"I think it is just a result of being out there, working hard and talking to people.

"We have lots of things going on at the moment. I just want to look at the issues in the area and hope to make things better for people living there.

The Tories also managed to hang onto a seat in the Wakefield South with Richard Hunt taking victory. he now replaces long serving conservative councillor David Hopkins who also retired.

One third of seats, 21, were up for election this year.

Labour won 19 of the seats and the Conservatives won two.

The overall turn out was 30.23 per cent with 74,153 people going to the polls out of an electorate of 245,000.

The make-up of the Council is as follows:

Labour 53 seats

Conservative 7 seats

UKIP 2 seats

Independent 1 seat .

Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton


GARBUTT, NathanUK Independence Party (UKIP)63916.9

MARSHALL, DonThe Conservative Party Candidate77620.5

PALLETT, Steven MarkIndependent50013.2

ROBERTS, Martin PaulYorkshire First2346.2

WARD, Martyn Charles (Elected)Labour Party163143.1


Spoiled Votes23

% turnout30.6

Total Votes3,780

Labour hold

Airedale and Ferry Fryston


SHAW, Les (Elected)Labour Party214282.1

SWIFT, Amy LouiseThe Conservative Party Candidate46717.9


Spoiled Votes40

% turnout23.5

Total Votes2,609

Labour hold

Altofts and Whitwood


BOX, Peter (Elected)Labour Party199458.5

CROOKES, SteveYorkshire First36310.6

HILL, Anthony DavidThe Conservative Party Candidate66819.6

JEANS, Matthew Robert PeterIndependent38411.3


Spoiled Votes24

% turnout27.4

Total Votes3,409

Labour hold

Castleford Central and Glasshoughton


FORSTER, Richard Anthony (Elected)Labour Party213369.0

LUMB, DawnUK Independence Party (UKIP)71823.2

SMART, Joanne GraceThe Conservative Party Candidate2417.8


Spoiled Votes11

% turnout27.0

Total Votes3,092

Labour hold

Crofton, Ryhill and Walton


ASHTON, SteveUK Independence Party (UKIP)100324.9

AYOADE, Tony AlexanderThe Conservative Party Candidate81220.1

BELCHER, Adam JamesLiberal Democrats2526.2

HEPTINSTALL, Faith (Elected)Labour Party196848.8


Spoiled Votes11

% turnout34.4

Total Votes4,035

Labour hold



TENNANT-KING, Maureen Linda (Elected)Labour Party277882.0

WILLIAMS, Rodney LorraineThe Conservative Party Candidate61118.0


Spoiled Votes61

% turnout27.6

Total Votes3,389

Labour hold



ASHTON, PennyUK Independence Party (UKIP)41313.3

KITCHING, Pauline (Elected)Labour Party139144.9

MARTIN, John AndrewThe Conservative Party Candidate1906.1

WOMERSLEY, IanIndependent110435.6


Spoiled Votes13

% turnout27.2

Total Votes3,098

Labour hold

Horbury and South Ossett


BYFORD, Darren (Elected)Labour Party161139.0

COLEMAN, Neil DavidUK Independence Party (UKIP)89021.5

COUTINHO MESTRE, MadalenaThe Conservative Party Candidate88321.4

GOODAIR, Mark AndrewLiberal Democrats53112.9

NORRIS, Richard HargreavesGreen Party Candidate2165.2


Spoiled Votes17

% turnout35.9

Total Votes4,131

Labour hold



MULLINS, Eamonn MalachyThe Conservative Party Candidate27710.7

STOKES, Graham (Elected)Labour Party159761.5

THOMPSON, Lewis PaulUK Independence Party (UKIP)72427.9


Spoiled Votes12

% turnout26.4

Total Votes2,598

Labour hold



GILLIGAN, Mathew CharlesThe Conservative Party Candidate70624.7

WASSELL, Alan (Elected)Labour Party214775.3


Spoiled Votes64

% turnout23.9

Total Votes2,853

Labour hold



BROWN, TerryThe Conservative Party Candidate88020.6

COOK, Jonathan AndrewUK Independence Party (UKIP)101723.8

MASTERMAN, Lynn (Elected)Labour Party116827.4

RICHARDSON, TonyIndependent91321.4

SARGEANT, TonyLiberal Democrats2906.8


Spoiled Votes17

% turnout34.9

Total Votes4,268

Labour gain

Pontefract North


CRAVEN, ArnieYorkshire First1685.6

HYOMES, ChrisThe Conservative Party Candidate47015.7

MALKIN, Lorna Jane (Elected)Labour Party160153.3

SPENCER, JoshUK Independence Party (UKIP)76225.4


Spoiled Votes16

% turnout26.1

Total Votes3,001

Labour hold

Pontefract South


GILL, JohnTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition2716.7

LOUGHRAN, Celia (Elected)Labour Party191747.2

WALSH, GeoffThe Conservative Party Candidate166941.1

WOODLOCK, DanLiberal Democrats2035.0


Spoiled Votes23

% turnout35.3

Total Votes4,060

Labour hold

South Elmsall and South Kirkby


COLLINS, Michelle Louise (Elected)Labour Party280283.9

I'ANSON, ChrisThe Conservative Party Candidate53616.1


Spoiled Votes49

% turnout26.1

Total Votes3,338

Labour hold

Stanley and Outwood East


BYROM, DaveTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition521.3

DODD, MargaretLiberal Democrats1513.9

JOHNSTON, James LeeUK Independence Party (UKIP)83121.5

LAIDLER, GillThe Conservative Party Candidate95024.6

MORLEY, Matthew (Elected)Labour Party187348.6


Spoiled Votes19

% turnout32.0

Total Votes3,857

Labour hold

Wakefield East


GABRIEL, Jody PaulGreen Party Candidate3159.5

GRIFFITHS, MickTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition2437.3

LUND, Rosaline Mary (Elected)Labour Party222566.8

WAKEFIELD, Richard MartinThe Conservative Party Candidate55016.5


Spoiled Votes22

% turnout30.8

Total Votes3,333

Labour hold

Wakefield North


BROWN, Lucy VictoriaYorkshire First2467.6

COUCH, AllanThe Conservative Party Candidate56417.5

RHODES, Elizabeth (Elected)Labour Party178155.2

WELLS, Keith FrankUK Independence Party (UKIP)63619.7


Spoiled Votes26

% turnout30.5

Total Votes3,227

Labour hold

Wakefield Rural


BINNS, Cynthia (Elected)The Conservative Party Candidate197843.8

CRONIN, Denis FinbarrLiberal Democrats54612.1

LYNCH, SamuelTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition2465.4

WILBY, Jayne LouiseLabour Party174438.6


Spoiled Votes36

% turnout34.2

Total Votes4,514

Conservative gain

Wakefield South


BAIN, Ian CharlesLabour Party140838.6

COCHRAN, Daniel MathiesonYorkshire First2597.1

CURRIE, David CameronLiberal Democrats2486.8

HUNT, Richard Stephen (Elected)The Conservative Party Candidate164345.1

SIBBALD, John HenryTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition892.4


Spoiled Votes32

% turnout36.2

Total Votes3,647

Conservative hold

Wakefield West


ELSE, BrianGreen Party Candidate32410.2

KASATKIN, LouisTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition1434.5

MITCHELL, Hilary Gail (Elected)Labour Party156349.0

PRESHA, Dianne ElizabethThe Conservative Party Candidate96230.2

WILLIAMS, Peter JohnLiberal Democrats1966.1


Spoiled Votes29

% turnout30.2

Total Votes3,188

Labour hold

Wrenthorpe and Outwood West


DE VERE, Natasha MarieLiberal Democrats1603.8

HARVEY, SamThe Conservative Party Candidate133832.1

JOHNSON, Martyn (Elected)Labour Party183143.9

SHELDRAKE, Ian MichaelUK Independence Party (UKIP)84520.2


Spoiled Votes11

% turnout36.4

Total Votes4,174

Labour hold

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