Roof-top beer garden plans for town centre pub

The Broken Bridge in Pontefract
The Broken Bridge in Pontefract

A Wetherspoon's pub has applied to build a roof-top beer garden.

The Broken Bridge on Pontefract’s Horsefair also wants to convert part of its first floor into a hotel.

However, the plans have received two objections from neighbours concerned about noise and an invasion of privacy.

One wrote: "Myself and neighbours have held meetings with the management of the Broken Bridge about the outside area and the noise we are subject too.

"This was never on their original plans to be a beer garden. It was supposed to be the outside smoking area.

"The area myself and neighbours live in, is a residential area.

"Raising the height to involve a rooftop beer garden would certainly allow the noise to carry even more.

"Also we would be directly overlooked, lose privacy and lose sunlight to our properties."

A decision on the planning application will be made at a later date.