Schools say farewell to retiring Lyn and Manda

Two school workers with more than 60 years of service between them have retired.

Marilyn Cooper had her last day at work after 31 years in the school office at South Hiendley J&I, most recently as the senior office administrator.

Ms Cooper, 68, has seen the number of youngsters double during her three decades at the George Street school, where she is known as Lyn to pupils.

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She said: “Originally there were 113 children in the school and now there is 224.

“I have loved every minute of it. I really have. It’s been a pleasure to come to work and not many people can say that.

“Because South Hiendley is a small community I’ve seen pupils who are now parents of pupils.

“It’s been hard work in the office but its the friendship of both the children and staff I’ll miss. It’s a very friendly atmosphere.”

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Ms Cooper said she was looking forward to spending more time at her allotment and with her partner John Raikes, 73.

Manda Shaw has retired from Half Acres Primary School in Castleford after more than 30 years as a nursery nurse for the local authority.

Sue Gardiner, head of the Temple Street school, said: “Manda Shaw has been a nursery nurse in Wakefield for over 30 years, spending her last 9 years at Half Acres Primary School.

“Throughout that time she has been one in a million for every child and their parents coming through out early years.

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“Her boundless energy, enthusiasm and dedication will be greatly missed in school, but she is looking forward to spending quality time with her young grandchildren.

“We wish Manda a long and happy retirement and hope she continues to come back to Half Acres whenever she is able.”

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