This is why black beetles have invaded Yorkshire during current heatwave

You may have noticed some little black beetles taking over gardens and parks around Yorkshire recently.

Pollen beetle
Pollen beetle

An influx of the little critters has seen people, plants and animals covered in them, while ‘clouds’ of them seem to appear in the air.

But don’t worry, they are completely harmless.

They are in-fact pollen beetles and their population expands during prolonged spells of warm weather, so it’s no surprise they are making an appearance during the current heatwave.

They are attracted to bright colours, which explains why they may have been paying particular attention to your clothing.

As NHS warn of a rise in blood sucking insects, here’s what to do if you’re bittenPollen beetles are typically common near rape seed fields, and as their name suggests, they feed on pollen.

They can’t harm humans, animals or garden plants and there is no effective means of controlling their numbers.

So if you see them swarming your washing line, there isn’t much you can do other than shake them off!