Tot with mountainous ambition hits 100 peaks at the age of seven

Charlie with his dad, Paul.Charlie with his dad, Paul.
Charlie with his dad, Paul.
A tot with a mountainous ambition to ascend 100 different British peaks has achieved his goal, at the age of seven.

Charlie Batham from Normanton climbed his first peak - Holyhead Mountain in Anglesey - for his fifth birthday, and completed the triple-figure feat recently after scaling the Old Man of Coniston in the Lake District.

He had aimed to complete the challenge by the time he turned seven, but due to lockdown and his father, Paul, having to undergo knee surgery, he lost seven months of hiking time.

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So after completing the 100 peaks challenge four months after his seventh birthday, the energetic youngster is technically ahead of the time set.

Charlie began climbing on hid fifth birthday.Charlie began climbing on hid fifth birthday.
Charlie began climbing on hid fifth birthday.

His dad Paul said: “There’s no slowing him down. He could have done it all again the day after walking the Old Man of Coniston He is just so keen.

“He climbed the mountain in Anglesey on his firth birthday and it’s just gone from there.

“He now wants to make it 200, but I’m 53 and I can’t see it happening anytime soon!”

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Charlie has climbed some of the highest mountain’s in Britain, including Ben Nevis, Snowden and the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

He now has his sights on 200 peaks.He now has his sights on 200 peaks.
He now has his sights on 200 peaks.

He even walked the equivalent height of Snowden up and down the stairs at his home in the space of a day.

He even incorporated his climbing with fundraising, and raised enough cash to buy a climbing wall for his school, Lee Brigg Infants in Altofts.

Paul estimates that Charlie has now climbed the equivalent to five times the height of Everest, more than 145,000 ft.

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And the world’s tallest mountain is something that is on Charlie’s mind.

Paul: “He keeps talking about Mount Everest, so it could end up turning into a real passion for him.

“It’s something he might achieve in future.

“We’re always seeing and talking to Mountain Rescue workers when we’re out walking, so that could be something he looks at doing too.”