UPDATED: Savile abused victim at Dewsbury and District Hospital

Jimmy Savile abused one of his victims at Dewsbury and District Hospital, West Yorkshire Police have said.

By Lindsay Pantry
Wednesday, 15th May 2013, 1:03 pm
ABUSE Jimmy Savile at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Pinderfields Hospital. He had close connections with several hospitals in West Yorkshire.
ABUSE Jimmy Savile at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Pinderfields Hospital. He had close connections with several hospitals in West Yorkshire.

The 15-year-old victim was abused more than 40 years ago, but only came forward to police after Savile died in October 2011.

Hundreds of allegations of abuse have come to light as part of Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree.

There are currently 79 crimes involving 68 victims committed in West Yorkshire relating to Savile.

None of these cases were previously reported to West Yorkshire Police prior to Savile’s death.

As the crimes are currently under investigation, West Yorkshire Police are only revealing scant details about the cases.

But the force has confirmed that it is investigating 28 cases where abuse took place in hospitals - including one at Dewsbury, when the victim was 15.

The main location of the offences was Leeds General Infirmary, where Savile volunteered, with complaints from 23 victims, ranging in age from five to 34.

Two victims were assaulted at St James Hospital, Leeds, aged five to 12. One victim is unsure whether it was St James or LGI due to the passage of time.

Two of the cases were at High Royds Hospital, Menston, aged five and 45.

In some cases it has not been possible to ascertain the age at the time of the offence as there are some offences where the victim has not provided a date of birth.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police added: “We are well aware that an independent investigation into Savile’s associations with hospitals in Leeds is currently underway. Out of consideration for that process, we cannot comment further on Savile’s offending at this time.”

A spokesperson from The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which now runs Dewsbury and District Hospital, said: “We were made aware in December of the allegation by the police team conducting Operation Yew Tree. This is one of a number of alleged incidents which were not reported at the time that have come to light as a result of the publicity surrounding this case. The allegation relates to events more than 40 years ago and approaches to protection of vulnerable people – both children and adults – have advanced beyond recognition in that time.”

Since the allegation came to light, the Trust has reviewed its safeguarding policies.

The spokeperson added: “We are confident that the arrangements we have in place for safeguarding children in our care are comprehensive and robust and in the light of the specific issues that emerged from the Operation Yew Tree, we have reviewed relevant policies and procedures to ensure that we have covered all possible risks.”

A report published on Friday revealed the extent of the West Yorkshire Police investigation into Savile’s crimes.

It found “no evidence” Savile was protected from arrest or prosecution by his relationship with the force.