VIDEO: Firefighters get corn field blaze under control

Firefighters have put out a corn field blaze that started in Fitzwilliam this afternoon.

Picture supplied by Helen Lodge.
Picture supplied by Helen Lodge.

Emergency services attended the crop fire on land behind Fitzwilliam Primary School.

The fire service said 11 crews were called to Second Avenue at 1.13pm today.

There was concern that the fire was moving towards a nearby farm so crews attended the other side of the field to prevent any risk to the building.

Picture supplied by Helen Lodge.

A combine harvester was also used to create a fire break.

One resident said: “We saw a little smoke and the farmer went down in a tractor to try and put it out, but it got too much. It just all went up.”

This is the third corn field fire in the district in less than a week.

Over £15K of damage caused by flames ‘as high as houses’ during devastating blaze Fire crews attended a 300-metre patch of land that was on fire at East Street in Havercroft, near Wakefield, yesterday night (Sunday).

The field after this afternoon's blaze.

And on Wednesday last week, 10 crews were called to tackle a massive crop fire near Sandal Castle, leading to homes being evacuated.

Video: Leigh Westerman