VIDEO: '˜Ghost is my bodyguard' says paranormal investigator

A paranormal investigator claims he has befriended a ghost who protects him when he probes the supernatural.

Mark Vernon, of Wakefield, said Kara, his ghostly “investigating partner”, had accompanied him on jobs to warn off evil spirits since 2013.

Mr Vernon said: “I have got a reputation for going after nasty spirits that are causing people harm or carrying out attacks and I use Kara as my bodyguard.

“My belief is you need something bigger and nastier to sort it out which is what she does.

“She warns other spirits off. She has never failed me.”

Mr Vernon claims to have caught Kara in photographs, video and audio footage he has taken whilst investigating locations across the country.

“I believe I am the only person in the world who has a ghost as a partner on investigations,” he said.

“And she is not camera shy. I have caught her on camera so many times.”

Mr Vernon said he first spotted the spirit while carrying out an investigation near the old Eastmoor fire station four years ago.

“We became friends there and she now comes on investigations with me all the time,” he said.

Pictures and video submitted by Mr Vernon.