VIDEO: Pay ultimate tribute to Huddersfield Town fans with official Terrier-themed funeral plan

Loved ones can pay the ultimate tribute to football-mad fans with the launch of a new official Terrier-themed funeral plan.

By Joseph Keith
Monday, 21st December 2015, 11:34 am

Huddersfield Town FC has teamed up with pre-paid funeral planners Avalon, to create the football club-branded funeral packages.

The plans, which cost around £4,000, feature coffins with the club’s crest and colours, as well as a name-printed home jersey and a blue and white floral bouquet.

It also includes a condolence card from the club and Terrier anthem Smile Awhile will played during services.

The ashes of lifelong fans can be scattered on the pitch at the John Smith’s Stadium and an announcement can be given at home games and in match day programmes as part of the package.

Sean Jarvis, commercial director at Huddersfield Town, said: “While many funerals remain quite traditional, some are increasingly becoming a celebration of life, and that includes sporting interests, and we are often asked if people can use our branding in one form or another.

“It’s still a bit of a taboo subject but there’s no reason why that should be. The only certain things in life are death and taxes and the sooner we start planning the better. Our commercial deal means the club receives a benefit from plans sold so even when Town fans pass on they can leave a small legacy to the club.”

The club has worked with Avalan to create a new YouTube video as part of the launch of the new funeral plan.

Pre-paid Terriers plans cost £4,195.

For more information contact 0330 3336318