Wakefield convenience shop applies for alcohol licence

County Hall, Wakefield
County Hall, Wakefield

A Wakefield convenience shop has applied for a licence to sell alcohol.

Wakefield Council has received two letter of objection to Euro Mix on Doncaster Road being granted permission to sell beer, wine and spirits.

Writing to the council in opposition to the application, one resident said: "There win be drunken people and loud noise at a late time when me and my children will be trying to go to sleep.

"I have a busy job and my sleep is essential and I feel this may affect my sleep. This win also have an effect on my work and home life my children are also affected."

Another resident, opposed to the application, said: "I have kids and also I work, don't want drunk people around."

The applicant asked for a licence to sell alcohol Monday to Friday 8.30am until 10pm, and 8am until 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Under the terms of the licence, if it is granted, the shop would not be allowed to sell beer stronger than 6.5 per cent and CCTV would have to be installed.

A decision is due to made at Wakefield Council's licensing committee on Wednesday, March 6.