WATCH: Santa Claus speaks to little girl using sign language at shopping centre

Shoppers witnessed the real spirit of Christmas as Santa Claus went the extra mile to make a little girl smile.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 8th December 2015, 12:02 pm

The tot has been captured on camera sitting on Santa’s lap - and she tells the man in red what she wants for Christmas using sign language.

The footage, captured by an onlooker and uploaded to YouTube on December 5, shows the girl’s mother telling Santa Claus that her daughter can’t talk very well.

Santa then asks if she can sign, and proceeds to chat with her using sign language, and asking what she would like this year.

Over the weekend, the video has captured almost 200,000 views - and the hearts of many across the world.

One YouTube comment said: “She is gonna grow up knowing that Santa can talk to her, even if most people can’t.”

Another added: “So sweet, wonderful of him to make a connection with her...what a great guy and what a precious girl!”