Are these the most annoying TV characters of all time?

We all have our favourite television characters. But if the response to our latest Screen Babble query is anything to go by, there are even more that irritate, anger and infuriate us.

Members of our TV and film discussion group on Facebook inundated us with comments and suggestions for the most annoying TV characters of all time this week.

Here's what they had to say.

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Skyler White: sympathetic spouse, or bane of Walt?

Breaking Bad's Skyler, wife of high school teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White, is one recent screen character who drives some viewers to distraction.

David Fox describes her as "dreadful", "hypocritical" and "irritating to the point where I was hoping one of Walt's enemies would turn up and blow her brains out".

"I never liked her," says Jessica Russ. "Same goes for her awful sister, Marie. Poor Hank."

"Constantly complains and grumbles," adds Ben Garnham. "Just let him cook meth in peace!"

Others, however, are quick to defend the character.

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"To be fair to her, Walt was an a*****e," argues Linsey McQueen Carson. "If I were married to him I'd be a pain in the behind too."

"She had to put with a lot," agrees Sam Bagshaw. "Walt was a thoroughly dreadful bloke towards the end. Lying from the start."

By contrast, Walt Junior "does my head in more every time I rewatch it. Such a whiny, spoilt brat."

Walking Dead - king of annoying characters?

Just as many fans lament the show's decline, viewers also highlight prominent members of The Walking Dead's cast as characters they love to hate. Carl is "one of the many reasons" Ben Garnham stopped watching.

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Alan Barley "really detests" Glenn. Naomi Fletcher finds Lori to be "a really bad mum and a really annoying person in general. And Simon Scott has it in for Eugene. "What is the point of him? He brings nothing to the show..."

Annoying characters in great shows

Just as Breaking Bad, despite being a dramatic monolith, had characters that got under some people's skin, so too do other acclaimed modern classics.

Daniel Sullivan points to Nate from Six Feet Under ("great show, but the most 'First World problems' guy ever)".

Nick Mitchell, meanwhile, notes that Ziggy in season 2 of The Wire "was hard to like, although he was written as an annoying character, so I guess that's job done".

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Finlay Greig takes aim at traumatised thug Arthur Shelby in hit crime drama Peaky Blinders ("hammier than a ham sandwich"), but it is Donna Noble in Doctor Who who sparks Steve Wilkins' ire:

"The cheeky cockney 'Oi Spaceboy!' trope became boring after about 10 minutes, and whereas most companions have useful qualities, Donna had none."

No laughing matter

Larger than life personas are a staple of TV comedy. But it appears to be a fine line between funny and grating.

"Frank Spencer used to annoy the hell out of me when I was a child," remarks Denice Hill. "Nobody was that stupid - now they are bringing it back!"

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Linsey McQueen Carson believes Bart Simpson is also not to be celebrated. "He's poorly behaved, has a dodgy haircut, wears the same outfit all the time and has a total lack of respect for everyone."

Bart Simpson: a brat to beware of? (Photo: FOX)

Mrs Brown's Boys, having recently made our overrated TV round-up, also gets a pasting here.

"Every 'character' on that show makes me seethe so hard my teeth start to boil in the white hot fury that they generate," quips David Fox.

Sheila Mackie suggests that both Mrs Brown and Keith Lemon "warrant an instant channel change at the first sight or sound of a trailer during an ad break".

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"Agree with you on Keith Lemon," says Grant Cruickshank. "What is he even for?"

'Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em!'

We all loved Scooby-Doo as kids. But his nephew Scrappy left far less of a positive impression.

"Just seemed more of a hindrance to catching them pesky janitors," notes Ben Garnham.

Chris Slinn is even more damning: "Ruined my childhood."

Just some of the other TV characters nominated by Screen Babble members:

Rachel from FriendsJanice from FriendsWesley Crusher from Star TrekBert Viola from MoonlightingPinguKim Bauer from 24Dawn from Buffy The Vampire SlayerAlfie Moon from EastendersBianca from EastendersDan, Jenny and Georgina from Gossip GirlDr Romano from ERTheon from Game of ThronesNorris from Coronation StreetThe entire cast of Girls

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