Today is Red Nose Day - fun activities and how to get involved from home

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day falls on Friday 19 March this year.

The annual broadcast promises to be an unmissable evening of television on BBC One, featuring sketches, live performances and one-off comedy specials.

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Despite lockdown restrictions remaining in place, the charity is making sure people can still get involved to fundraise through this year’s theme of “Share a Smile”.

The money raised by Red Nose Day in 2021 will help tackle homelessness, domestic abuse and the stigma around mental health.

Funds will also be donated to support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are all the ways you can join in the fun from home.

Best Red Nose Day activities 2021

Comic Relief has gone all out to create fundraising activities for the whole family this Red Nose Day.

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Every challenge can be done from home in line with lockdown restrictions.

“This year it’s never felt more important to have some fun and raise money to support people living incredibly tough lives,” Comic Relief said.

The Family Challenge

The charity’s Family Challenge is guaranteed to be a barrel of laughs on Red Nose Day.

Rescuing the nation’s laughter is the ultimate goal.

The Red Nose Day website explains: “A terrible crime has been committed. An evil super villain by the name of Doomy McGloomy has stolen Britain’s laughter. It’s no laughing matter and we’ve never needed that laughter more.

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“We know there’s only one family brave and brilliant enough to defeat him – yours. Join the secret services and travel the world from the comfort of your living room.”

“You’ll discover hidden talents. You’ll collect clues. But most importantly, you’ll unleash the laughter.”

There are three steps involved in the challenge.

First, make a donation to Comic Relief to “help make a difference to vulnerable people around the world”.

Then, as a family you can use your “secret superpowers” to complete five missions - collecting a new clue word each time.

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The fun missions, which can be completed online, range from escaping a volcano to breaking the ice and cracking the hieroglyphics.

Once these are complete, the family must defeat Doomy McGloomy using all five clue words.

‘Share a Smile’ initiative

Comic Relief has set a challenge for people to help to “kick start a wave of smiles” from one house to another.

“This year has shown we’re at our best when we come together to be kind and look out for others. The smallest things really can make a big difference,” the charity said.

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“Join in Red Nose Day and to help kick-start a wave of smiles from your house to the next, and onwards all around the country.”

Simply download the “Share a Smile” poster, write your favourite joke on it and display it in your window so people walking past can enjoy it.

You are also encouraged to post your creation on social media, tagging @comicrelief and using #rednoseday.

Of course, you are encouraged to donate if you download a poster.

Acast Podcast Mashup

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While it’s not necessarily an activity, listening to a funny podcast can prompt a smile.

The special Red Nose Day Podcast Mashups brings the UK’s most popular podcasts and mixes them together to create one-off, hilarious shows.

From Menus to Be Buried With to Toaster Questions Everything, these recordings from Acast will brighten up your lockdown.

If you listen, you are encouraged to donate to Comic Relief.

Free downloads

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There’s a plethora of free downloads available on the Red Nose Day website if you’re searching for activities to do on the day.

There’s a quiz, recipes, bunting, mask making and everything you need to collect sponsorship money for the cause.

Red noses

If you don’t fancy doing an activity, you can easily raise money for Comic Relief by purchasing an iconic red nose.

The red noses for this year’s campaign are plastic free and made from plant-based materials.

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There are a range of 10 different characters depicted on the noses, which can be bought in supermarket Sainsbury’s and Argos, both in store and online, or at

Comic Relief’s online shop also features other Red Nose Day merchandise, from t-shirts to toys and games and accessories.

TK Maxx was offering a range of Red Nose Day t-shirts designed by Charlie Mackesy, the author and illustrator of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse,

The limited edition t-shirts are now sold out, but you can still shop the rest of TK Maxx's Red Nose Day chari-tees featuring Pixar characters to support Comic Relief at the online shop.