VOTE: There's a new Karate Kid sequel coming - are these the worst sequels ever?

A TV sequel to The Karate Kid is coming. Even the main actors from the first film will be in it (except Pat Morita. He’s dead).

Karate Kid already spawned a few pretty poor sequels back in the 80s and 90s (the Next Karate Kid, staring a young Hilary Swank, wins our award for the worst of the bunch).

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Maybe Cobra Kai - which YouTube Red teased this week - will be brilliant, the trailer certainly kicks you right in the nostalgia button.

But it might turn out to be the latest in a long line of disappointing spin offs - even Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith's 2010 reboot looked good from the trailer.

The question is, will it be worse than any of these?

Which of these follow-ups gets your vote for the worst movie sequel?